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Mens Captain's Prize

The Captain's Prize is the oldest Competition at Leigh Golf Club and was first contested in 1907 with P. McGregor emerging as the winner. Presented by the Captain A. J. Prescott, Esq.

1. The Final will be played over 36 holes Medal on Saturday 24th July and Sunday 25th July 2021. There will be no adjustment of handicap between rounds of the Final. The Competition Entry Fee will be £6.00.

2. There will be 6 QR’s as marked in the Diary.

3. The 119 players and ties with the best 2 scores from the 6 QR’s, will qualify for the Final.

4. To qualify for the Final a competitor must have returned at least 6 completed Singles Cards between 24th March to 7th July (inclusive).

5. A cut to 70 players plus ties  will be made following the 1st Round.

6. Starting times for Sunday will be displayed as soon as possible after the first round has been completed. Play will be in score order i.e. best scores out last. No change of start times for the Final will be permitted.

Six Day Members Captain’s Prize

1. There will be 4 QR’s as marked in the Diary. The 30 players and ties with the best 2 scores from the 4 QR’s will play an 18 hole competition on the Sunday.

2. On Friday 23rd July 2021 the course will be closed and the practice ground reserved for the finalists. Over the Captains Final Weekend the course and practice grounds will be closed to non-finalists until 6.00pm.

3. The Captain will present prizes as follows:- Final (36 holes) - 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Best Gross Saturday. Best Gross Sunday. The Club will present prizes as follows: 1st, 2nd & 3rd each day.

4. No player may win more than one prize in the Final.

5. The winner of the Captain’s Prize will automatically qualify for the Captains Final next year.

6. Qualifiers must be committed to playing in both Rounds.

Year Winner
2021 C. Morgan
2020 P. K. Ramskill
2019 R. Coffey
2018 P. Chesworth
2017 I. M. Pilling
2016 K. L. Rabin
2015 P. Sherwood
2014 M. G. Baldock
2013 C. Harrison
2012 A. Collier
2011 D. Crook
2010 G. Wray
2009 N. Farrer
2008 P. Sherwood
2007 A. S. Roberts
2006 D. Herring
2005 F. Chadwick
2004 J. H. Travis
2003 P. Green
2002 S. S. Douglas
2001 M. Grehan
2000 G. A. Ramsden
1999 D. Linnett
1998 F. Hughes
1997 P. Sherwood
1996 N. J. Hilton
1995 B. W. Boardman
1994 J. W. Moorfield
1993 P. Thompson
1992 P. Sherwood
1991 A. Higson
1990 K. Sumner
1989 J. Doran
1988 M. J. Clothier
1987 T. Thompson
1986 J. Critchley
1985 G. Vizard
1984 A. Caulfield
1983 R. M. Hyde
1982 J. Critchley
1981 R. A. McInnes
1980 J. H. Pilling
1979 S. S. Douglas
1978 J. Critchley
1977 P. Hunt
1976 R. Whitehead
1975 M. A. Guest
1974 S. S. Douglas
1973 K. W. Grundy
1972 G. J. Offord
1971 T. Baron
1970 D. Parkinson
1969 N. Higginson
1968 J. Reynolds
1967 G. A. Hassall
1966 D. Anderson
1965 S. Leatherbarrow
1964 J. Morris
1963 R. Clarke
1962 J. Morris
1961 J. Reynolds
1960 J. Johnson
1959 I. P. Bell
1958 D. Linning
1957 L. S. Royds
1956 P. K. Entwisle
1955 W. Dickson
1954 P. K. Entwisle
1953 R. G. Thomas
1952 H. W. Eckersley
1951 S. Leatherbarrow
1950 S. Leatherbarrow
1949 Dr H. R. Harris
1948 J. Clare
1947 J. A. Lygo
1946 G. D. H. Smith
1945 J. E. Davies
1944 A. Wooley
1943 H. Vaudrey
1942 A. Cooper
1941 R. L. Graham
1940 R. Eastwood
1939 J. V. Wilkinson
1938 F. Bowyer
1937 G. Holden
1936 A. Wooley
1935 F. Smith
1934 J. Bowyer
1933 J. E. Davies
1932 W. H. M. Reddish
1931 J. Bowyer
1930 J. J. Crukshank
1929 W. H. M. Reddish
1928 A. W. Holden
1927 H. Lawton
1926 J. L. Yates
1925 E. V. Speakman
1924 E. Frankland
1923 E. Prestwich
1922 H. Lawton
1921 H. O. Prestwich
1920 J. Graham
1919 F. Speakman
1914 H. Lawton
1913 H. O. Prestwich
1912 J. R. Speakman
1911 R. Gale
1910 T. A. Horrocks
1909 S. Wilson
1908 T. A. Horrocks
1907 P. McGregor