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Leigh Golf Club
Leigh Golf Club

Bob Ellis Trophy

The Trophy was presented by the late R.S. ELLIS Esq. and will be played for on Saturday 26th June 2021.

Only male members of 60 years and over are eligible to compete for the Trophy. There will be a Monthly Medal staged in Conjunction with the Bob Ellis Trophy. Competitors in the Bob Ellis Trophy will be included in the Monthly Medal. 

Year Winner
2021 R. Jones
2020 I. J. Ainscough
2019 D. C. S. Pilling
2018 D. C. Johnson
2017 A. Marsden
2016 P. Connelly
2015 M. Sharples
2014 P. C. I. Naylor
2013 B. Kelly
2012 B. Hitchen
2011 J. Pidgeon
2010 J. Chadwick
2009 A. A. O'Neill
2008 E. Smith
2007 B. Barnes
2006 P. Thompson
2005 R. D. Bunting
2004 R. E. Redford
2003 D. Montford
2002 B. Hession
2001 G. Andrews
2000 F. Barnes
1999 D. Wood
1998 J. Heywood
1997 K. Sumner
1996 G. H. Brownbill
1995 J. E. Fletcher
1994 R. F. Coveney
1993 W. C. Burton
1992 G. D. Riley
1991 K. Senior
1990 F. Hilton
1989 J. H. Pilling
1988 G. A. Morgan
1987 J. McCaul
1986 J. H. Pilling
1985 F. Hulme
1984 A. Osbourne