Leigh Golf Club
Leigh Golf Club
Leigh Golf Club

Wednesday Watch - Division 1

A Wednesday Watch Competition will be held during the Summer months.

Division 1 will contest the prizes with Handicaps of 1-12

The Winner of each round will be awarded 10 points, the Runner Up 9 points, third place 8 points and so on. The Wednesday Watch Winner shall be the Competitor with the best 8 cards from the 18 Stableford rounds held between April-September.  In the event of a tie the Winner will be decided by the highest number of 10 points then 9 points etc.

2021 S. Kenworthy
2020 J. Hunt
2019 D. C. S. Pilling
2018 J. Kerner
2017 J. W. Moorfield
2016 P. Sherwood
2015 A. Collier
2014 D. J. Crook
2013 P. Chesworth
2012 D. J. Crook
2011 L. Crombleholme
2010 D. J. Crook
Year Winner