Leigh Golf Club
Leigh Golf Club
Leigh Golf Club

Local Rules

OUT OF BOUNDS (Rule 27)                    

  1. In or beyond the trench on 5th, 12th and 15th holes.
  2. In or over the water of the brook on the 14th hole.
  3. On or beyond the drive to the left of the 18th hole.
  4. Boundaries of the course defined by hedges or fences.          


  1. All Shelters
  2. Staked Trees
  3. All artificially surfaced roads and paths
  4. Bridged walls (i) the path to the right of the 16th green is an integral part of the course (ii) a ball lying on a bridge, above the hazard, is deemed to be in the hazard (Rule 26).


  1. All areas marked by the greenkeeper.
  2. Deep depression or ruts made by Green keeping equipment (not faint impressions)

Play may commence from the 1st and 8th tees. No match may, however, commence play from the 8th tee if a match is playing the 7th hole - once matches are following each other through the 7th hole cutting in at the 8th is not permitted.


Members, Visitors and Caddies are warned that it is strictly forbidden to trespass into the fields, gardens or over fences bordering the course.