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Leigh Golf Club
Leigh Golf Club

Murder Mystery at the Golf Club 15th March

A golf themed Murder Mystery evening will be taking place at Leigh Golf Club Friday 15th March.

Below Par

Its the annual members dinner for SHHAG - The Society foe His & Hers Amateur Golfers- and you, all the other SHHAG members (or Shaggers as they like to be called) and all five Committee Members will be there.

And this is an important year, because the SHHAG President, Bob 'Bunker' Sandbagger is resigning his presidency and announcing his successor...

But will it be sexy SHHAG Secretary, Bryony 'Birdie' Dogleg - who everyone knows was having a torrid affair with President 'Bunker' - despite him being married to top SHHAG golfer and Society Treasurer, Prudence 'Putter'.............

But Prudence isn't so pure herself, as some say she's been seeing SHAGG Committee Member and former Golf Pro Ace Mulligan, behind her husbands back...much to the fury of Max Caddy, who not only has his eyes on Prudence, but on the Golf Club too...as somewhere for his consortium to buy and develop as a site for his new Astronomy Theme Park: Uranus Land.

All on the SHHAG committee are desperate to take over as the Society's new President, now that the old President is retiring, but who will President 'Bunker@ annouce as his successor?

This event proves that golf is not just a game - it can be MURDER!

So join us and watch the Birdie - because there's a murderer loose and we need your help unmasking the criminal!